Winners will be determined by the PA State Daily "Evening" Lottery number - straight.
*Daily winners will be determined by the first daily number picked should there be a "bonus number" that evening.

If we have your address you will receiver your prize via the mail.
If not, we will give to the seller to give to you.

Once again ...... THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the Legends Calendar Fundraiser.
Without your support we can not make our Travel Baseball program affordable to it's members.

"Respect All, Fear None"

Bucks County Legends Baseball

Lottery Calendar Fundraiser
February 2019

Team Sold
Friday  1st085Brian S.16U
Saturday  2nd796L.D.B.16U
Sunday  3rd774Tom H.16U
Monday  4th033James F.13U
Tuesday  5th549Steve W.16U
Wednesday  6th383Linda R.13U
Thursday  7th738Cheryl N.16U
Friday  8th775Don H.13U
Saturday  9th686Gary S.16U
Sunday  10th649Dorothy H.13U
Monday  11th419Danielle A.16U
Tuesday  12th854Lisa J.13U
Wednesday  13th291Glenn F.16U
Thursday  14th029Matthew K.13U
Friday  15th453Vincent P.16U
Saturday  16th791Brayden N.13U
Sunday  17th049Erik O.16U
Monday  18th368Tim S.16U
Tuesday  19th613Grace M.16U
Wednesday  20th603Dave M.13U
Thursday  21st959Ken B.13U
Friday  22nd029Matthew K.13U
Saturday  23rd062Sue K.16U
Sunday  24th723Kyle D.16U
Monday  25th166Brayden N.13U
Tuesday  26th315Denise C.13U
Wednesday  27th944Kyle T.13U
Thursday  28th559David B.16U